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Younifeed simplifies the daily tasks of Retailers by unifying physical and digital commerce.


A completely synchronized inventory management tool designed for Retailers

sell anywhere and everywhere from on dashboard


Create a personalized e-commerce page in minutes, enhanced by our proximity commerce capabilities

Synchronize Inventory

Upload inventory

Live streaming

Replicate the in-store experience online for new and existing clients

How does it work

Younifeed is the unified commerce platform that empowers you to bring your physical store online in a few simple steps.

Register on Younifeed

A sign-up Wizard will guide and help you set up your store and e-commerce page

Upload inventory

Use our smart barcode scanner, or synchronize your existing online selling channels

Connect a streaming device

Connect a webcam, cell phone or any streaming advice

Start selling

Stay close to your clients online and offline with Younifeed

Benefits of Younifeed

A unique platform designed to unify your physical and digital sales on one, easy-to-use, technology

Geolocated E-commerce

We generate more brick and mortar traffic by geolocating every product uploaded to our inventory management software.

Multichannel synchronization

In a single platform we empower you to manage all your selling channels in real time (such as Amazon, E-bay, Instagram etc) We simplify retail management

Live streaming

Offer your clients a virtual and interactive shopping experience. Using our live streaming service, you can serve your clients remotely with the same personalized experience they receive in-store.

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Quanto costa?

Scegli uno dei nostri piani abbonamento, ti offriamo un mese di prova gratuita durante il quale potrai provare a vendere online senza costi e commissioni

Prova gratuita (30gg)
    1 mese di prova gratuita
    3 mesi gratis senza impegno o obbligo di rinnovo
Prova gratuita (30gg)
    1 mese di prova gratuita
    3 mesi gratis senza impegno o obbligo di rinnovo

I nostri valori


Simplify and Unify Retail


We bring humanity back to the center of commerce by democratizing and simplifying digital sales, Everywhere


  • Elevate local businesses.
  • Multichannel synchronization
  • Innovation driven.
  • Optimism.
  • Equal opportunity.

Accelerated by

We have collaborated over the last couple of years with the following incubators in Europe, USA and China

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